Instruments For Education is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization that donates musical instruments to Middle Tennessee area schools. Consider IFE to be the new charity you choose to support! Remember your contributions are tax-deductible!

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To collect and distribute musical instruments and provide them to school classrooms that may not otherwise have it in their budget to purchase instruments, which allows upcoming generations a hands-on way to learn about musical instrument(s).


There are a few ways you can help. First, please consider Instruments For Education as your charity of choice to donate to.  We could use your financial support to grow our reach!  Please share our website and social pages with your friends. Use Smile.Amazon.com and choose IFE as your charity. We also hold charity auctions and sales. See more on how you can help.

We all know funding for school music programs is continually shrinking, or they flat out do not have a budget for musical instruments. From pre-schools to high schools, we want to get as many schools as possible equipped with musical instruments that the kids can explore and learn to play. We intend to inspire them with a love of making music. It is such an excellent alternative for our younger generations that spend hours on video games, binge-watching TV, social media, and anything screen-related!  Music can provide a lifetime of creative enjoyment and an added skill set to anyone’s life!

My name is Troy Castellano. I am a songwriter and musician in the Nashville area.  I want to do my part to give back the gift of making music! I am passionate about keeping music making alive and passing it down through the generations, so I've started this organization called Instruments For Education (IFE).  Instruments For Education accept musical instruments and monetary donations. In turn, the instruments are then donated to area schools.

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Collecting And Donating Musical Instruments To Middle Tennessee Schools

Donating Musical Instruments Inspiring Young New Musicians!

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